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"Come home, come home. ‘Cause I’ve been waiting for you for so long, for so long…"

From the triangle to the square, we are roughly 477 miles apart and when I am away at college it becomes a minimum of 574. I feel each mile between us in the depths of my bones as they ache to be held by you. I feel each mile crawl into the crevices of my soul as my heart cries out for you, my love, and I whimper when I realize it will be months yet before I see you once again. I feel the pain of missing you erupting deep within my chest but it is this pain that makes our airport meetin’s so special, so meaningful as I rush into your arms again. It is these miles between us that makes me love you so and long for the day we are finally home.

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No matter how many times I try to weave the letters from the alphabet into beautiful words to describe how amazing you are and write about you to create the most beautiful poetry or prose, it would always lead me to these three words and that is, I miss you.

Do you know that? I miss you. Shall I repeat it? I miss you.

I hope you feel that right through your skin when the sun kisses your cheek or your flesh. I hope you feel that when you hear the engine of the plane up from the sky and you will look at it and you will remember me — you will think of me.

It would always lead me to those three words no matter how many attempts I try not to and still wishing that, someday, it would turn out to mean something deeper — something strong and real — like I love you.


- sweet trances #19, V.I. (via vaguelyinked)

(via vaguelyinked)

"Imagine spending Fridays nights, after a long and tiring day from work, with the person that you love and the first touch that you’d feel would be the warmth of his skin against yours and you’d feel like every exhaustion and weariness from your body were gone in a snap just because of one sweet and long embrace. Then Saturday nights would turn into movie dates at home with a box of four-cheese pizza and barbecue flavoured popcorns while cuddling on bed with interval kisses and smiles and you feel like you’re the luckiest person on Earth and the both of you will fall asleep on each other’s arms after watching some movies, more cuddles and making love. And Sunday morning will come and you’ll see the person that you love the most beside you and you’ll stare at his most angelic face for a long while and you’ll be off guard so you decided to wake him up by kissing his nose and then his lips until he wakes up and you’ll greet each other the sweetest “Good morning,”"

- sweet trances #37, V.I. (via vaguelyinked)

(via vaguelyinked)